Sennheiser Momentum 4 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

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I have been a Sennheiser headphone user for decades. Almost four decades to be exact. Not only I love the signature Sennheiser sound but I also love the semi-industrial look of their entire line up. Their comfort level has always been top notch and practically impossible to surpass. Subjective, of course, but those are the facts according to me. So when they released the Momentum 4, I asked them to lend me one to try out.

Fit and Finish
To my surprise, Sennheiser abandoned their signature semi-industrial look and opted for a more luxury-look this time around.

The mostly plastic Momentum 4 now has earcups that rotate flat for both storage and wearing them around your neck. The headphones no longer fold in on themselves before you dock them in their carrying case. The earpads are still a softer leather material with plenty of cushion, and the outside of the headband is wrapped in a woven fabric. The rest of the Momentum 4, though, is a lot of plastic. However, they use high quality plastic. Therefore, while it employs lots of plastic, it doesn’t look plasticky, if you get my drift.

One thing I truly love about the new design is the curvature of the headband. A lot of headphones have a flatter curve; the Momentum 4 hugs my gigantic head better without any feel of being bulky. I don’t know whether this is a big feature for most people but I truly appreciate this minor but important detail in the design.

Companion App
Just like all current ANC wireless headphones, Sennheiser uses free app that can be downloaded from the app store. For the review, I use iOS app on my iPhone 13 Pro Max running iOS 16.1

The company’s Smart Control app offers access to all of the settings on the Momentum 4 (note: it works AND have your custom setting transferrable to any Sennheiser Smart-Control compatible headphones and soundbars). This app allows you to customize the sound with dedicated EQ sliders for bass, mid and treble and save anything you like as a preset. There are also pre-tuned Bass Boost and Podcast sound modes which in the case of Bass Boost mode, makes the headphone adheres closer to the masses’ favourable Harman curve. You can also disable Sennheiser’s Adaptive ANC, a feature that automatically adjusts to environmental noise which is too gimmicky for me to use, so I turn it off and use and set the level of ANC manually.

There is a very interesting advanced feature called Sound Zones that will automatically adjust audio settings based on where you are. You can create up to 20 different presets, so when you arrive at the office or return home, the Momentum 4 changes to your preferred settings. It requires you to have a Sennheiser account and turning on location detection. As I am very paranoid, I choose not to use this feature.

Most interestingly, however, is the Sound Check feature (also require registration… why?). This feature allows me to personalize the audio on the Momentum 4 with guidance on the best presets for the music I listen to. You can use the feature repeatedly to create multiple modes for every genre, allowing you to get quite detailed in your customization and share the customization to your other Sennheiser headphones/earphones.

Of course, while using the app you can see your battery life (in 10 % increments) and update the firmware too if needed.

Sound Quality
All of the above features mean nothing if the sound quality is not there to begin with. Rest assured however the Momentum 4 overall sound quality is up there. It’s very good and, of course, expected from a Sennheiser product. The best part is the body of any music played through it. The Momentum 4 delivers full-bodied sound and deep bass without overdoing it. Even the default settings without using any of the app features are already rather stellar straight out of the box. Fabulous imaging and three dimensionality are there as expected from a Sennheiser product. No, it’s not up to audiophile standards, perhaps, but the C $399 price is far below any audiophile-grade products too; but the overall quality is up there with some of the best.

The ANC is also highly effective although the bass frequencies ANC is not as effective as a I’d like it to be for in-flight world travels. But to be fair, you can’t ask for perfection at that price either. However, for travelling in an Uber or on a bus, or even train, the Momentum 4 is very close to perfection.

Battery Life
Now for the most surprising aspect of this unit. The battery life. I had to test it three times to make sure that I didn’t calculate it wrong. It lasts between 50-58 hours between charging when tested using ANC powered on. This means even if I take this to travel to the other side of the world, I will only need to charge the Momentum 4 once for the entire trip! That’s 24 hours to Indonesia; another 24 hours back to Canada, and sporadically use it during my usual 3-day visit, running at approximately 75 % volume level. This is insanity – in a good way. And if that’s not enough, Sennheiser claim you can always fast-charge the headphone for a measly five minutes to gain approximately 4 hours of usage.

This headphone is a welcomed addition to the market. A highly rated ANC headphones with numerous useful features without forgetting the importance of sound quality and battery life is a whole lot to offer for C$399. To sum it up: impressive.

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