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MOON by Simaudio
In the morning, I received a personal invitation to attend a live performance by Caroline St. Louis, lead singer of the Quebec-based music band GIVE, to be delivered from the MOON by Simaudio room at the show. Of course, I did not miss the chance but before I tell you more about that let me tell you about what I found in the MOON room.

On static display was the company’s 10th Anniversary Special Edition Package, comprised of a beautifully finished rose gold 600i integrated amplifier with 680D MiND streamer & DAC ≈ (C$30,000), unfortunately they are long sold out and these were just to showcase what the company can create – impressive.

The demonstration system was fronted by a MOON’s rather new and 1st ever loudspeaker creation, the MOON Voice 22, a 2-way passive stand mount (C$3,800) that was being driven by a 330A stereo amplifier (C$5300), controlled by a 390 DAC/streamer/preamplifier (C$7.900).

The system sounded full, very smooth and delicate in the top end, while having a natural and balanced tone. The bass was surprisingly authoritative and punchy, incredible for such a compact speaker. Though placed rather close to the backwall the system demonstrated its strength with soundstaging.

GIVE (Caroline St. Louis & Stephan Ritch) put on a performance of a couple of songs with live vocals and lead guitar, while the background vocals and fill was played via the MOON Voice 22 system, sitting behind them. The performance was amazing to hear.

I was told that the CD will be released soon and an LP version perhaps next year. If you would like to hear more from them, give a listen at:

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